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Top 10 Healthiest Foods In The World! (+Why!) //Top10Fanatics

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HEALTHIEST FOODS: We can all admit ‘eating healthy’ was once our New Year’s resolution. In the world run by fast food dishes and frozen pizzas, it can feel good to have a healthy lunch. Whether it’s a healthy meal or a little afternoon snack, these foods can be a great addition to everyone’s dietary needs. So, with this list, let’s go over the top 10 healthiest foods, and we promise, they are very tasty as well.


10. Dark Chocolate

Everyone loves a little chocolate snack, whether it’s a chocolate bar, chocolate cake or just ice-cream, this flavor-filled food is a great afternoon delight. But did you know dark chocolate is extremely healthy as well? According to research, chocolate contains more antioxidants than most foods. It includes many nutrients like Iron, Magnesium, Fiber, and Copper and can protect your body from free radical damage. In simple terms - dark chocolate can protect against heart disease and lowers harmful LDL cholesterol levels. Not to mention, that the serotonin chemical levels in dark chocolate act as an anti-depressant and improve your mood. So next time you feel guilty for eating a whole chocolate bar - don’t! But remember everything in moderation.

9. Spinach

Moving onto the leafy greens, at #9 spot is - spinach. This nutrient-dense green vegetable is a superfood, packed with vitamins and energy. Vitamin A, C, K , B2, Iron, Calcium and phosphate are just some of the vitamins your body will receive after a quick bite. The fact that spinach is low in calories, makes it even more desirable and healthy. Spinach also has many health benefits. The antioxidants, like lutein, are great for healthy eyes, while beta carotene fights against cancer and prevents asthma attacks. For those diabetics out there, spinach can regulate glucose and insulin levels in your blood, also keeping the blood pressure in the normal range. As for bone strength and digestive system health, Vitamin K has got you covered. Who knew this slim green vegetable could be so beneficial?

8. Lemons

Coming in at #8 is one of the world’s healthiest foods - lemon. Everyone knows that lemons are filled with vitamin C. They deliver more than half the daily recommended amount, making it a great solution for inflammation and immune-boosting. Vitamin C reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes, while also lowering blood pressure. Want to lose the extra holiday weight and reduce skin wrinkling? Enjoy some lemons! Polyphenol antioxidants reduce weight gain and vitamin C helps to protect your skin from damage. It doesn’t matter if its a cold winter day or a sunny afternoon, citruses are very durable and can withstand some harsh weather. For a healthy breakfast - consider a lemon smoothie, or add a slice of lemon to your tea or water for that refreshing taste.

7. Blueberry

Let’s talk about berries now, specifically - blueberries. During a 2019 study, scientists found out that a moderate intake of blueberries can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and obesity. A berry high in fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients helps the composition of gut bacteria and decreases blood pressure. Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin K all aid in maintaining the strength and elasticity of bones. Not to mention, the collagen present in blueberries helps to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful. Who doesn’t love a fresh skin glow? For your meal arrangements, you can have blueberry pancakes for breakfast, a blueberry smoothie for lunch or you can make blueberry muffins for that sweet dessert.

6. Almonds

Up next at #6, are one of the world’s most nutritious and versatile nuts - almonds. Just like the rest of the foods on the list, almonds are great for overall wellness and provide many health benefits. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and can cut down the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol levels. The omega 3 fatty acids can regulate sugar levels, decrease blood pressure and reduce body fat. High levels of antioxidants help boost your immune system and fight free radical production. Almonds also contain riboflavin and L-carnitine, which improve brain activity and function. Have a work or a school deadline and need to be top of your game? Have some almonds! Need an afternoon snack? You can eat plain salted almonds or combine them with oats to make yummy biscuits.

5. Avocado

One of the most popular millennial fruits is avocado. A versatile fruit can be added to any dish for that extra flavor and taste. An avocado/egg toast is a perfect choice for the morning, while an avocado salad can be a very healthy lunch choice. Not only is...
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