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Oil Hacks | What Can You Do With Essential Oils?

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Welcome to Oil Hacks!
This is a series where we help you take ordinary essential oils and do extraordinary things with them.

On Guard: http://bit.ly/2TLl6VT
Lemon: http://bit.ly/2IFSabB
Purify: http://bit.ly/2vhMku3

Do you have an oil hack? Share your idea in the comments and you may be featured in a future episode!

On Guard Essential Oil:
doTERRA On Guard helps you live your life uninterrupted by those unwanted days off, when you’re dragging yourself to get out of bed. This powerful immune and respiratory boosting blend includes Cinnamon, Wild Orange, and Eucalyptus for powerful internal support. When used topically, it is cleansing, purifying, and degreasing.

Five key oils make up the doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend.

Spicy and sweet, Cinnamon essential oil is known to promote a healthy immune system* and can also help freshen breath.

Wild Orange contains powerful antioxidants that support a healthy immune system and promote overall health.* The fresh citrus kick of Wild Orange is emotionally uplifting and adds to the appeal of the doTERRA On Guard blend.

Eucalyptus purifies surfaces. Aromatically, it cleanses the air and is emotionally uplifting. This type of Eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus globulus) is a different oil from the single doTERRA Eucalyptus oil, which is not for internal use.

Rosemary promotes healthy respiratory function, reduces fatigue, and calms tension.* It also supports digestion* and concentration.

Clove freshens breath and supports the immune system thanks to its high levels of antioxidants.*

Lemon Essential Oil:
What is Lemon Essential Oil Used For?

Lemon essential oil has a clean, fresh, citrus scent and is known to support healthy respiratory function.* doTERRA Lemon essential oil is sourced in Italy and Brazil, which offer ideal growing conditions for producing this bright and tangy essential oil.

Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit. On average, a single Lemon tree produces between 500 and 600 lemons a year, which yield approximately seven ounces of Lemon essential oil annually.

The primary constituent of Lemon essential oil is Limonene, which is a popular ingredient in household cleaning products. You can make your own green cleaning products with Lemon essential that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for your home and family.

Can You Add Lemon Essential Oil to Drinking Water and Food?

Lemon essential oil is often used in cooking and is popular in both savory and sweet dishes. Add a few drops to marinades for fish and chicken or to add a little zing to salad dressings. A favorite addition to cookies, cakes, puddings, and pastries, Lemon is equally tasty in green smoothies. It also makes a natural water flavoring.

Purify Essential Oil:
Don’t let unpleasant odors hang around—get rid of them with Purify. This high-power blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils has a fresh citrus and herb aroma that clears the air, eradicates odors, and protects against environmental threats. You can deodorize shoes, refrigerators, cars, boats, bathrooms, sports equipment, garbage cans, and more with Purify Cleansing Blend.

Traditional cleansers and deodorizers often contain artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals, which can be harmful and cause irritation. With Purify, you can keep your home smelling fresh and clean without subjecting your family to potential health hazards. Diffuse Purify in any room of the house to refresh the air and eliminate bad odors. Purify can also be used to clean surfaces around your home.

Six powerful essential oils combine to create Purify Cleansing Blend.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) is native to Australia, where the crushed leaves have been used to purify the air for hundreds of years. The air cleansing and purifying benefits of Melaleuca essential oil are believed to derive from its concentration of gamma-terpinene, which experimental research has shown may help protect against seasonal and environmental threats.

The purifying benefits of Lime and Lemon essential oils are due to their high concentration of monoterpene limonene. Refreshing and uplifting, these popular citrus oils also provide excellent topical cleansing properties.

The fresh, woody scent of Siberian Fir tree essential oil has a fresh aroma and is known for its emotionally grounding benefits.

Citronella has a clean and fresh scent that is similar to Lemongrass, which makes it a fantastic natural deodorizer.

Cilantro is a fragrant herb with powerful cleansing properties.

These powerful essential oils combine to create a cleansing blend that is perfect for dispelling odors or cleaning hard surfaces. To remove odors in an entire room, diffuse 4–5 drops of Purify. For a quick fix to a pungent car odor, place a few drops of Purify on a cotton ball and put it in or near your air vent. The fresh and purifying aroma of this blend will swiftly permeate throughout your car.

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